BMW To Launch All-electric I8 Successor By 2023

BMW To Launch All-electric I8 Successor By 2023

The BMW i8 shook the automotive industry in 2012 with a stunning design and a hybrid system which claimed supercar performance whilst returning spectacular fuel economy. Despite the price tag, customers lined up to buy one and BMW struggled to manufacturer quick enough. Unfortunately, the car wasn't exactly what people expected. Customers soon realised that the performance was nowhere near the supercar level they were promised, the handling wasn't up to scratch and the fuel economy wasn't good in the real world. Nonetheless, it remains a bit of an icon due to its gorgeous styling.

So, the i8 is a bit disappointing, but have no fear because BMW has the answer (or so they say). The answer comes in a completely revamped platform, a fully electric powertrain and even more aggressive styling. The replacement which is due in 2023 boasts more torque than a Tesla Roadster, better handling than a Porsche 911 and even better looks than its predecessor, claims its manufacturer.

BMW won't let much out of the bag at this point, not even a name for the car, but we're excited to learn more. If it looks anything like the concept from this years Geneva Motorshow, I'd buy one for the looks alone

Susanna Jenkins
Author: Susanna Jenkins
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