Emily Thornberry Apposes UK Trump Visit

Emily Thornberry Apposes UK Trump Visit

Labour Party's Emily Thornberry has once again slammed US President, Donald Trump, as a "threat to our world order and unworthy of a UK state visit," as he pulled the United States from the International Arms Treaty previously signed by Former-President Barak Obama. Her comments came as Jeremy Corbyn vowed to boycott a lavish banquet for Trump when he visits the UK in June.

Donald Trump’s statement on the Arms Trade Treaty is the final confirmation that he is not the leader of the free world, he never has been, and he does not deserve the honour of a visit to Britain. Donald Trump is a disgrace to his own office. He is a threat to our world order and unworthy of a state visit to Britain.

Emily Thornberry

Thornberry continued to slam PM Teresa May for welcoming a President who, "rips up vital international treaties." Donald Trump shocked the world when he pulled the Us out of the Paris agreement in 2017 and promoted the coal industry.

Sir Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat leader said, "It is a stain on the Conservative government that they have invited this president for all the pomp and circumstance of a state visit. He is playing a negative role on the international stage - the visit should be cancelled."

Susanna Jenkins
Author: Susanna Jenkins
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