Holland Vows To Ban Petrol And Diesel Vehicles By 2030

Holland Vows To Ban Petrol And Diesel Vehicles By 2030

In a bid to fight the ever increasing climate change, Amsterdam has set a new target to ban all petrol and diesel motor vehicles from its city center by 2030. Transport officials plan to make the capital city a leader in the clean air programe and set an example to the rest of the world. If successful, all internal combustion engine powered cars and motorbikes will be perminently banned from entering the city.

We aim to be a world leader in emission-free transport. Amsterdam residents live, on average, a year less due to dirty air. Our new plans will prolong the health of the average Amsterdammer by at least three months.

Amsterdam Transport Minister

An independent motoring club in the area responded to the news with a study of there own, claiming that Amsterdam would need to install at least 25,000 electric car chargers in the capital just to give its residents a fair chance, and then there's the question of how residents are going to afford to buy new electric cars in just 10 years. Holland currently has only 3,000 chargers installed in its city, many of which were not government funded.

The Dutch car industry association's chairman, Floris Liebrand, said that, "the plans are not realistic. How are Amsterdammers going to pay for expensive electric cars, when there is no significant second hand market? In the next 10 years the car industry will develop cleaner petrol and diesel cars which could add to a proper policy to clean our air."

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