Tampa State Judge Overturns 17 Convictions In Police Corruption Case

Tampa State Judge Overturns 17 Convictions In Police Corruption Case

Tampa, FL State Attorney, Andrew Warren, has overturned the convictions of 17 prisoners following investigations of misconduct by the Tampa Police Department. Disgraced offers Mark Landry, John Laratta and Algenis Maceo were all discharged from their duties when it was found out that they had threatened witnesses and suspects. 11 others from TPB are now also under investigation.

This is a heartbreaking case where those who vowed to protect us are abusing their powers in the worst case of mis-justice in my career. Police Officers from Tampa tampered with evidence, threatened witnesses and failed to arrest suspects. We have overturned the convictions fo 17 people who were allegedly threatened into guilty pleas by these officers. We are working in collaboration with Chief Brian Duggan of Tampa Police Department for the duration of this ongoing investigation.

State Attorney, Andrew Warren

The three officers were found to have turned off their body cameras several times during the alleged threats, leaving much room for speculation into what actually happened during the outage. So far, none of the fired officers have been charged with any crime which is causing outrage in the local community. A planned protest will be held on Wednesday with the aim of demanding criminal charged against the ex-officers.

The state are now looking into 220 closed cases in which the named officers were involved, especially those with suspicious confessions.

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