Telford Witness Under Threat, Police Offer No Help

Telford Witness Under Threat, Police Offer No Help

A Telford woman has today received a formal letter allegedly from West Mercia Police stating that her personal safety is at risk, but offers no security. The woman, who will remain nameless for safety reasons, was horrified to have received the letter which has left her helpless. She recently entered testimony against a gang of alleged child groomers in the area and also provided evidence on a Mobile phone. The phone was later given back to her after the contained evidence was copied for police records. In the letter from West Mercia Police, the department which governs Telford and surrounding areas of the West Midlands, stated that they had received intelligence that an unnamed person or persons may attack their home with firearms, but were unable to offer her or her family any support, nor will they permit them to defend themselves. The letter read:

Dear Mrs …
I am in receipt of the following information, which suggests that your personal safety is now in danger.
I stress that I will not under any circumstances disclose to you the identity of the source of this information and whilst I cannot comment on the reliability or otherwise of the source or the content of this information. I have no reason to disbelieve the account as provided. I am not in receipt of any further information in relation to this matter, nor do I have any direct involvement in the case.
It has been alleged that person/s will come to your address armed with firearms and will seek to retrieve material evidence from yourself which had been previously returned to you by police in regards to a matter previously reported.
While West Mercia Police will take any step necessary to minimize the risk, the Police cannot protect you from this risk on a day-by-day and hour-by-hour basis.
I also stress that the passing of this information by me in no way authorizes you to take any action which would place you in contravention of the law (e.g. carrying weapons for self-defense, assault on others, breaches of public order). Should you be found doing so, you will be dealt with accordingly.
I therefore suggest that you take such action as you see fit to increase your own safety measures e.g. house burglar alarms, change of daily routines, always walk with an associate, carry a mobile phone, install a domestic CCTV door guard system, increase house security measures e.g. locks and bolts. It may even be that you decide to leave the area for the foreseeable future. That is a matter for you to decide.
If you wish to provide me with full details of the address at which you will be resident, I will ensure that the necessary surveys can be undertaken by police staff to advise you regarding the above safety measures. Could you please provide details of someone who the police can contact on your behalf to take urgent messages if you are unavailable?
I would also ask that you contact the police with any suspicious incidents associated with this threat.
At this time, is there anything that West Mercia Police can do, within reason, to assist you in remaining safe while this matter is resolved?

West Mercia Police Department

The letter was published on Telford Live which caused outrage in the West Midlands community. We spoke to a family friend of the woman in question who said, "I honestly cannot believe what I've read. If it had been a pedophile in danger they would have protected them. She did what was right and gave evidence, and this is how the justice system responds? It's disgraceful! "

West Mercia Police were also accused of covering up the Pedophile/Grooming ring in Telford last month when a courageous father released this YouTube interview slamming police detectives in Telford and Worcester.

Susanna Jenkins
Author: Susanna Jenkins
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