Cambridge University Receives £100m Donation

A snapshot of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2018 which hosted over 200 events, exhibitions and performances, receiving over 25,000 visits. In 2018 researchers and members of the public explored the theme of extremes - from political and social radicalism, to life at high altitudes and the extreme high street.

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Cambridge University Receives £100m Donation

A record-high donation of 100 million GBP (that's around $131m) has been made to Cambridge University from a global investment firm. The donation is the highest ever made by a local British firm, only seconded by the $210m investment made by Microsoft founder Bill Gates in 2000.

Universities in the US, Europe and Asia are making massive investments funded by governments and philanthropists. We have to compete. Just because we’ve been great for a few hundred years at Cambridge doesn’t mean we will remain so

Professor Toope of Cambridge

The investment follows a campaign by Cambridge to raise 500 million pounds to assist undergraduates and post graduates at the university. The £100m accompanies major investment by the Dolby family and Lord Sainsbury of Turville giving £83m and £52m respectively.

Including its assets and property, Cambridge is the most valuable University in the UK with a £3.2bn net worth, Oxford is a touch behind at £3.1bn.

Gerrard Dowling
Author: Gerrard Dowling
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