Criminal Charges Against Huawei Explained

The FT's Kiran Stacey explains the implications of the criminal charges alleging that China’s Huawei stole American technology and broke US sanctions against Iran.

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Criminal Charges Against Huawei Explained

As we've recently reported, the Us Justice Department have files 32 criminal charges against smartphone giant Huawei, but what exactly are the charges and what do they mean for the Chinese manufacturer?

While Huawei deny the allegations, world leaders have already begun to discuss the future of Huawei in their respective countries. The United Kingdom will reach a decision whether or not to ban Huawei products by the beginning of March. The EU will also meet to discuss possible bans across Europe fearing espionage and the Chinese government interference with their devices.

In 2007 the FBI interviewed a person it identifies in one of the indictments only as “the founder of Huawei” and who is alleged to have said that Huawei “did not conduct any activity in violation of US export laws and that Huawei operated in compliance with all US export laws.

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