IRA Claims Responsibility For Lyra McKee Murder

Family and Friends of Lyra McKee protested outside government offices and republican party offices

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IRA Claims Responsibility For Lyra McKee Murder

In what's being referred to as a terrorist act, Lyra McKee was shot dead at a roadside in Londonderry, Ireland whilst observing (but not partaking in) riots throughout the borough staged by the 'New IRA.' A 57 year-old woman was arrested under the terrorism act and later charged with murder.

The return of the IRA is believed to have been formed secretly in 2012, but have risen to the spotlight after gaining support from the hard-left political group Saoradh. The 'New IRA' has seen been linked to 4 murders across the nation.

Detective Jason Murphy of the PSNI has urged anyone with any information to come forward in confidentiality.

Susanna Jenkins
Author: Susanna Jenkins
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