New Polls Show Biden Favorite For 2020 Elections

Joe Biden annouces presidential campaign in 2020

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New Polls Show Biden Favorite For 2020 Elections

47th vice president of the United States, and right hand man to Obama Joe Biden, announced his intention to run for presidency in 2020 last week. In a video published on Facebook and Twitter, Biden slammed current president Donald Trump for his response to the White Supremacist march in 2018.

I believe history will look back on four years of this president, and all he embraces, as an aberrant moment in time

Former Vice-President Joe Biden

Since the video was released on April 25th, Biden has received an huge amount of support online. Polls from various news casts light on the potential president showing him between 49% and 72% favored above other candidates.

Current President Donald Trump took to twitter in a somewhat bad taste calling Biden "Sleepy Joe" and expressing his dislike of the candidate. Joe Biden is the only campaigner focused currently on the objective of removing President Trump from the oval office, above all else.

Susanna Jenkins
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