Stability In Stock Market During Government Shutdown

The Gartman Letter Editor Dennis Gartman on the state of the markets and U.S. economy during the Government Shutdown.

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Stability In Stock Market During Government Shutdown

Against advice from his own consultants, President Donald Trump shut down his government with no clear signs of reopening anytime soon. With stocks falling due to government worries, some investors are pulling out of the American stock market completely, but this may not be the best action to take, according to Dennis Gartman.

In the interview with Fox Business News, Gartman explains his stance on the somewhat unstable stock market as it comes to a close. Gartman previously announced his worries over the falling markets, but recounted these statements as 'the facts have changed.'

Historically when a shutdown lasted more than five days, the average U.S. stock market return during the time it occurred was -0.94 percent, according to Vanguard, the investment brokerage. But average returns for the 12-month period after the shutdown were 10.77 percent. Advisers are recommending that investors look at the long haul, not just the initial impact that the Shutdown has had on the markets so far.

Susanna Jenkins
Author: Susanna Jenkins
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