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GBT Notice of Publication of Patent Cooperation Treaty for 3D Chip and Memory Application

Apr 1st 2020

Subsequent to Previous Reception of PCT Innovative Opinion For 3D Microchip Patent

GBT Receives Innovative Opinion From Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) For Its 3D Microchip Patent

Feb 4th 2020

GBT Is Expanding Its Autonomous Machines (Robotics) Research

Jan 21st 2020

GBT Technologies Transforming the Future Healthcare AI Market

Jan 16th 2020

GBT Receives Early Grant of New Patent

Jan 15th 2020

GBT Seeking to Develop a New LSTM (Long/Short Term Memory) RNN (Recurrent Neural Network)

Jan 8th 2020

GBT BitSpeed Corp., a Joint Venture between GBT and BitSpeed, announces that BitSpeed has been Recertified as a Cloud Platform Technology Partner

Dec 23rd 2019

BitSpeed’s Extreme File Transfer Network Software allows the transfer of Large File Data to and from the Cloud at Higher Speeds and with Enhanced Sec

GBT Announces 2 New Patent Updates

Dec 19th 2019

GBT Issues Statement About Potential Promotional Activity

Dec 9th 2019

Notice to the Public to Rely on Information Only Provided by the Company

GBT Is Testing Its Avant! AI for Handicapping Sports Books

Dec 6th 2019

Presenting AI Model for Potential Prediction and Quantify Results of a Sporting Match

GBT Technologies’ AI Engine to Improve Microchip Production and Create Expert Smart Apps

Dec 3rd 2019

GBT Seeks to Develop New Microchip Architectures Aimed at Expanding AI Market Opportunities

Dec 2nd 2019