Travel Insurance Cancelled For Sri Lanka Tourists

Travel Insurance Cancelled For Sri Lanka Tourists

The FCO released a statement this morning warning that most travel insurance providers have cancelled cover to tourists in Sri Lanka due to the rising threat of Terrorism. According to the statement, travelers on the Island will immediately become uncovered by their policies with immediate affect. Many will be unaware that their cover has been lost.

Travel insurance does not cover disinclination to travel. People’s best recourse is to go to the holiday company they have booked through to discuss whether they can change their plans. We do not advise travel in this area at this time

FCO (UK's Foreign Office)

Despite the statement released, many planning to travel to Sri Lanka are unable to cancel and claim on their insurance s the FCO have yet to "strongly advise against travel." The move has left thousands of tourists out of pocket, wondering whether or not to continue with their holidays.

Travel agents in the UK are still operating and taking future bookings for Sri Lanka holidays, but many warn that it is recommended to amend their travel plans. The conflicting information and announcements have left travelers in distress.

Susanna Jenkins
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