Woman Who Flew To Peru To Meet Man She Met Online, Found Murdered For Her Organs

A 51-year-old woman's dismembered body was found washed up on a beach in Huacho, Peru, after she traveled from Mexico to meet a man she met online.

Woman Who Flew To Peru To Meet Man She Met Online, Found Murdered For Her Organs

The mutilated body of a 51-year-old woman has been found by a fisherman on 9th November 2022 in Huacho, Peru, with her organs harvested. Blanca Arellano, from Mexico, had told her family that she was going to Peru to pursue a love interest with a man she met online. 

Blanca had traveled 5,000km from Mexico to Peru to meet a man named Juan Pablo Jesus Villafuerte, the man she'd been in an online relationship with for several months. Blanca's niece, Karla Arellano,  reported that her aunt had been in touch on November 7th claiming that the relationship was going well, she had fallen in love with the man and thought that this relationship could lead to marriage. Karla was the last person known to have spoken with her aunt before she disappeared. 

As Karla had not heard from her aunt for a few days, and was unable to reach her, she became increasingly worried about her wellbeing.

"I never thought I would be in this situation, and today I ask for support and dissemination to locate one of the most loved and important people in my life, my aunt, Blanca Olivia Arellano Gutierrez, who disappeared on Monday, November 7 in Peru, she is of Mexican origin, we fear for her life." - Karla wrote on Twitter, appealing for information

The appeal prompted communication from authorities in Peru who gave the bad news over the phone, where her severed finger with a silver ring still attached confirmed the worst for Olivia Arellano’s family. In the days that followed, more discoveries began washing up on the same beach in Huacho, including a faceless head, an arm, and then finally a torso with all the internal organs removed.

The local police have launched an investigation and are appealing for witnesses. An arrest warrant was issued for Juan Pablo Jesus Villafuerte as it is suspected that he dissected Blanca's organs.