Terms of Use

Please read this carefully because it sets out the terms of a legally binding agreement between you and the use of all Arcvox services, including the use of this website.


This page sets out the terms and conditions on which you may use arcvox.com and the content/services available on them (which we call “Arcvox Content”). We only make these terms and conditions available in the English language.
In these terms we use the term “arcvox.com” to refer to our website at https://www.arcvox.com/ and our other social and online digital apps and platforms.
Except where we state otherwise in Section 7, references in these terms and conditions to “Arcvox” (or “we”, “us” or “our”) refer to the company operating arcvox.com.

These terms and conditions replace all previous terms and conditions published on arcvox.com. Arcvox may update these terms and conditions for legal or regulatory reasons, or to reflect changes in our services or business practices. We will provide notice of any significant changes below. You should regularly check this page to see if any changes have been made. Any changes will become effective as soon as we post them on arcvox.com.

Access to Arcvox Content

Access to Arcvox Content is granted without registration, without subscription and without limitations to "Private Individuals" and as when content is available. We make no guarantees that content will be available at any time.

All content on arcvox.com (unless stated otherwise) is subject to Copyright.
Organizations that may be using Arcvox Content without the appropriate permissions may approach us with a view to discussing the purchase of a license to legitimize that use.

Privacy Policy

Users of arcvox.com are invited to use any of the free services without limitations:

  1. Subscribing to Newsletters
  2. Subscribing to Notifications
  3. Publishing/adding a comment or reply to an article
  4. Submitting a complaint
  5. Reporting an error
  6. Contacting Us via an online form

Users are NOT obligated to use any of the free services mentioned above. By submitting your data to us for the use of any of the forementioned services, you agree to our privacy policy.

We only process personal information where we have a lawful basis for doing so, such as the following:

  • User consent - This is where you have given us explicit permission to process personal information for a given purpose. For example, if you complete one of our general enquiry forms, we would ask for your consent if we wanted to use your personal information for any other purpose. You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. You can manage your preferences within your account or by contacting customer services.
  • Legitimate business purposes - This is where we have a legitimate interest, as a business, to process personal information. For example, where we are aware of copyright infringements on our Site, it is in our legitimate interests as a business to identify those responsible. We take due care to balance our interests against your right to privacy.
  • Legal obligation - This is where we have to process personal information in order to comply with the law.
  • To provide our service(s) - We require some of your basic personal information so our services work as you would expect, for example, your name when you post a comment on an article. When you leave a comment on an article, we may use your email address to help identify spam comments. This information is never shared.
  • To monitor compliance with our policies – We monitor for breaches of our terms and conditions and copyright policies. For example, we reserve the right to inform the subscription holder if, through use of a subscription, you are using our content in breach of the terms and conditions or copyright policies of our content. We also monitor activity on our Sites to detect and prevent invalid or fraudulent traffic.

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