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Hertford Group is a Financial Investment and Venture Capital agency based in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The firm was established in January of 2007 and its CEO is Robert Asheton

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Is Barrick Gold A Must In The Current Political Climate?

Aug 30th 2019

Hertford Group’s analysts believe now is the right time to be adding one or two gold stocks to your portfolio

Disney Stock - Should You Buy It Now?

Mar 15th 2019

Disney is well placed to take advantage of its position within the film and entertainment industry

What's In Store For The Asian Market In 2019?

Jan 31st 2019

2018 was a year that the majority of Asian bond investors don't want to relive in 2019.With the benchmark J.P. Morgan Asia Credit Index (JACI)

Why Amazon Stock Is Still A Good Buy After Its Big Pullback

Nov 28th 2018

Hertford Group's analysts have long been admirers of Amazon (AMZN) and also recommended the stock as a strong buy back in 2012.

Being Prepared For Changeable Markets

Jun 4th 2018

We believe the Hertford Group's Analyst Team - a quantitatively committed investment team that specializes in actively maintaining portfolios centred predo

Hertford Global - 2018 Investment Snapshot

Jan 5th 2018

Investors experienced a peaceful twelve months during 2017, with only a handful of bumpy spots, there was all-around record-low volatility and good returns

Hertford Group Look At What 2017 Mergers & Acquisitions Tell Us About 2018 And Beyond

Dec 28th 2017

Hertford's analysts take a look at some of the most influential deals that transpired during 2017, these are the deals that are remixing business

Should You Buy Shopify Inc?

Nov 3rd 2017

After some recent scaremongering and a significant drop in its share price is now the time to grab a piece of this hot e-commerce stock? Shopify Inc.

Hertford Group Confirm Attendance At The 2018 Asian Financial Forum

Sep 8th 2017

The Asian Financial Forum (AFF) brings together some of the most influential members of the global financial and business community to discuss developments

Hertford Group Take A Look At Netflix, Is It A Buy In 2017?

Mar 18th 2017

After a few years of hefty investment spending, the streaming video icon is at long last starting to profit from its position as the world's leading